Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Translation Tuesday: Big Sleep

There are two kinds of sleeps in our house:
Naps and The Big Sleep.

While I realize the 'big sleep' could get confused with the equivalent to a 'dirt nap', they are not the same in this house.

Every night, right before I put Tillie in her crib, I hold her and tell her:
"This is the Big Sleep. The one where you sleep a long time and the Mama and Daddy come and get you when the sun is high up in the sky"

I think she gets it, because unlike her naps, she usually puts in a solid 12 hours.

Although this weekend, she put in some monster naps both days. So much so that I even went into her room while. she. was. sleeping. to check on her.

I realize this doesn't seem all that novel to most of you out there, but we simply do not go in there for fear of waking the sleeping baby. So we just make up images of how cute she probably looks while sleeping.

Well, no images in my head could have matched the true cuteness.

We had always assumed she sucked her two little fingers to get to sleep, but never realized that she actually just sucks her fingers all nap. No wonder they are little prunes when she gets up.

Pretty sure she doesn't suck them for the entire big sleep though...which is good or her fingers would probably mold right off of her hand.


Nancy E. said...

oh.....to sleep like a baby. It definately is a thing of the past and something women in their 50's long for. Til take a good nap for Grandma. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Miss the little gal...can't wait for the Mothers Day weekend bash...


Anonymous said...

sleep apnea and big sleep like oil and water... :(
Uncle Todd