Monday, April 16, 2012

The 4th Decade

Yes, it is true. From today forward, I am living it up in my 4th decade of life. I turned 30 yesterday, and so far so good. While, my 20's were amazing, I hear that it only continues to get better from here on out. And if this weekend was any indicator, that is entirely true.

I was so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family all weekend. The fam was up on Friday and we got to spend all day together on Saturday, which included Matilda's 1st swim class. We were definitely the annoying parents with the full-on entourage, but a cutie like this deserves an entourage:

 Nate planned a very nice party for the occasion at a local restaurant. We had our first attempt in a LLOOONNNGGG time keeping Tillie up past her bedtime.And minus the 5:30AM wake-up on Sunday it was a success. She did so well staying up late. Her little birthday gift to me.

As you can see, she was VERY excited about the party.

It was so nice of so many people to come out and help me celebrate. I know I have said it hundred of times before on this blog, and I will probably continue to say it one thousand more times: I am SO lucky to have such amazing friends. They are THE best of the best.

(see even Tillie thinks so)....

And it appears we have a new "Aunt Candy" in the house to take over my reins. Emily knows me best and make this awesome candy bouquet...of which Tillie was VERY interested.

 Here I am....on the eve of 30, with my darling little Matilda Mae.It was a fabulous weekend. Thank you to Nate, and my family and friends for helping me bring in the 30's!! I know they will prove to be some of the best.


Anonymous said...

Looks like another great party. Nice pictures.
Uncle Todd

McLean said...

It was a very fun party. Thanks for including us. When is my babysitting night?!