Friday, April 27, 2012

The time has come....

A few years ago I did a 365 day candy-ban. As in, no candy of any-kind.

Why? Because I am a certified candy FREAK. I could eat candy all day every day for every day of the year.  And also because I am an all or nothing person. I only know extreme will power or no will power.

My candy obsession reach all-time highs last summer when I gave up pretty much all food to test out what Matilda was allergic to. Lo and behold most of the candy I love had no allergens in it. Which makes sense since it is pretty much 100% sugar.

Think Dots. Sour Patch Kids. Mike and Ikes. Yum.

But it is time to reinstate the candy ban. Here were the key signs it was time:

1) I bought and at a 5 pound bag of jelly beans after Easter. And even I didn't think they were that good.
2) I have an intense craving for candy before 9AM every morning.
3) I finish every meal or snack with a candy chaser.
4) I have a toothache.
5) I actually purchased something from the vending machine at work today because I couldn't find any candy dishes with good candy in them on my floor.

Yes, I have stooped to candy scavenging.

And so, I must reinstate the candy ban. And I must make it public or I will cheat. Startiong May 1st, no candy. The only exception allowed e is for travel days. This includes long drives to Viroqua, flights, or the Hayward vacation in August (because their candy store is  pretty a-mah-zing).

I am quite certain I will go into some sort of sugar-shock come Tuesday so if you see me wandering the halls of General Mills looking rabid, just don't mention the C word to me....

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