Monday, April 2, 2012

The Hunt

We hid just over 300 eggs yesterday.
90% of them were hidden for the kids.
The other 10% were ACTUALLY hidden hard for the adults with scratch-off tickets inside.

Scratch that.
They were supposed to be hidden hard for the adults.

Little did I know that my friend Summer's little guy, Otto, loves hoses so much that he went straight for our hose (of which their family egg was hidden so well in) and found it before the egg hunt started!

Otto, wanting the hose and not the egg, gave it to Max who was very proud to announce he already found his families egg. Look at how cute he is!!!

Some of the other families could have commissioned Max and Otto to help them as Emily and I (the officialy hider of the eggs) had to give out clues to those who may need to brush up on their egg hunting skills before next year.

My favorite part of the picture above, is my neighbor's (who are expecting their first in about 6 weeks), just chilling at the table in the background. It's crazy to think that next year at this time their little one will probably be crawling!!

Tillie even had a friend from daycare come!! Her mom and I worked together on Cheerios.

It was so fun to see so many people come, and to have so many kids in one place at one time. It was chaotic, but the good kind. I have SO many pictures that I don't feel like I can post them all or it may crash Blogger!

The McLean boys were the first to arrive, and Wesley informed me that already knew that he only got to have 12 eggs. Mama must have been practicing with him! :)

Everyone was dressed so festive in their bright colors and Easter duds.

Emily helped Tillie go through her loot.

Here is a group shot...okay a half of the group shot. Lots of little little ones stayed in the parents arms vs. risk the massive baby pile.


Nate and I spent all night talking about they day and filling each other in on what happened and the 'did you see', 'did you hear's' that we missed. Lots of good stories. Good memories. Which is what it is all about.

My favorite was as we were cleaning up we found an egg that clearly had chocolate and stickers in it (from the remnants of melted chocolate). The chocolate was gone, and the stickers remained with chocolatey finger prints on them.

Good lesson from this year: more chocolate, less stickers. :)

We are so happy that so many people made it out to make the party so much fun.
We can't wait to do it next year...even if it means hunting in the snow!!


Lot 10 Linden Grove said...

Thank You! Thank You! Such a fun party you guys host. We loved it all. I'll post about it too so you have some more memories to read about. Can't wait for the first snowy egg hunt.

Anonymous said...

You and Nate have such a great family of friends. All the kids are adorable and I look forward to seeing all the photos at Easter. Happy Easter to all your friends and their families. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Holy organization batman! Looks like you two toss a mean party.
Uncle Todd

Sina Teskey, RD, LD said...

Such a fun day Greta. Delicious food and Ryan and I enjoyed our first ever Easter egg hunt together pre-baby. We had to work on our strategies before Baby T takes over with her ideas...Thanks a ton!