Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Easter!


I am so behind in blogging, but that is because we have jammed everything we can think of in this week of 'no-baby (as Matilda is spending lots of quality time with my Mom and Dad this week). More to come on that later.

It was fabulous. Very laid back. And filled with lots of Tillie time. and new delicious food.

This girl did great in church again (seriously, I think she may become a pastor some day because she is always so well behaved there...)

And then we came home for some Easter basket fun. She is getting very interested in trying to move, but hasn't quite figured it out yet so we did our best to tempt her with eggs, baskets and easter grass. :)

We attempted to do a family photo. But between the wind and the sun, this was the best we got. Yikes.

 Tillie is also  working on bringing up her first (two!) teeth. It makes for some interesting moments. Needless to say the finger-sucking, and toy-munching is at an all-time high.

We tried lots of good new food. From a new brunch must (Denver Omelets) to a few new side dishes that will be clinch during the grilling season. Nate cried a few tears over there being no. ham. even though it was Easter.

But then Dad brought in the plate of succulent steaks off of the grill and all was right in the world. After a dinner of grilled steaks, Dad and I totally dominated Mom and Nate in a game of euchre, which of course I didn't enjoy at all. ;)


Anonymous said...

Easter without ham is like a Christmas without corn...but like a good woobie a great steak can make up for it.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Til is doing great Gert!!! Pretty much sure we aren't bringing her back....:))


Anonymous said...

Dad is correct. It is going to be very difficult to find the time to pack up all her gear so we may as well just stay here! Til woke up with a big smile on her face after the BIG 12 1/2 hour sleep. Off to have more fun, Mom