Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fresh Food Fast Episode 6

Looks can be deceiving. Which is absolutely the case of this dish:


Because, while I understand that this Green Curry Chicken looks less than appetizing, that is the photographers fault, and not the recipe.

This recipe was pretty delicious for how healthy it was (minus the cocunut milk), and as a side bonus it brought me straight back to our Thailand trip.

It was also very easy. Emily got another cooking lesson, although to be totally honest the cooking lessons aren't very good. They aren't hands on, and usually come well before or after the meal is ACTUALLY being cooked. Less than effective for sure.

Here is a link to the recipe in case you are interested:

Contrary to what the blog reflects, we have been doing lots of cooking and lots of new recipes. It's the finding time to blog about them that is the problem....
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