Monday, March 26, 2012

Caption This.....

One of my favorite times of the day.
Also, one of the most challenging (for me anyway who is always working on my patience skills..)

I love it because it is so fun to watch Matilda discover new flavors. Like red lentils, roasted red peppers and quinoa, mango, asparagus, and always pear.

I love watching her learn how to use those little fingers. I even love how ridiculously messy she gets.
The patience part comes in because this child, as previously mentioned, is particular. She wants to feed herself.

But her effectiveness rate is lower than where her hunger bar is set.

So, we do a dual approach...she feeds herself and the Mama feeds her with a spoon.
Now, she has set rules with this spoon.

If it is filled with something she doesn't like, you better have some pear on the end or she will not take it.

If you don't get the spoon up to her face fast enough, and she if frustrated with her hands, she gets creative.

Now this look is my favorite. It is VERY predictable. If she is chewing, or just doesn't quite feel like another bite and you put the spoon in her face, she turns her little head away from you and makes this face:

And no, that isn't a bad picture. She always closes her eyes and leans back, as if to make herself believe if she closes her eyes it will just go away.

So tell me, what do YOU think she is saying?


Nancy E. said...

Classic Til! She is saying, "Oh Mama, I don't think so!" or "I SAID, NO thank you!"
Love, Mom

Nate Hanson said...

At the risk of being a comment killer...

Tillie to Mama: "Oh Hell to the NO!"

Anonymous said...

Ease up...I might be swimming in 30 minutes and don't want to cramp up eh!
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

"where's the beef???"""


Meghan said...

She's saying, "over it!"

Amy J said...

She's saying 'damn, that stuff is stanky'! ha ha, paddy does the same stuff but also blows his food at you when he's full or doesn't want it. it's awesome.