Saturday, March 17, 2012

Work It

It was the annual 'work weekend' in our house. Which meant that the parental units headed north and my Dad put Nate to work. This year's big project was repainting the kitchen and building new pantry shelves.

Although the color of the kitchen is still TBD (waiting for the final coat before finalizing my opinion), it feels so good to get some of these big projects done. Plus it doesn't hurt to have some friendly march madness competition going on behind the scenes.

The boys may have had all of the hard labor, but us girls were busy too. We did some raking...

We did some party planning, errands, grocery shopping, blinds-cleaning and, we did our best to enjoy this ridiculous 80 degree weather. In March. We are talking about flip flops, tank tops, and sunscreen in Marcn.

So we taught Matilda how cool bubbles are.

And we went on a nice long walk around Lake Calhoun. Between the ooo's and ahh's for Tundra and that "she is so cute" observations for Matilda, I have concluded I can never send Nate to Lake Calhoun with a baby and dog by himself or he may just never return.

I will post pictures of the kitchen once it gets done. As a little teaser--picture one whole wall in chalk-board paint. Fun times. Now, I wonder if our budget allows for a part-time chalkboard artist to come to my house each week?


Lot 10 Linden Grove said...

I have a couple chalkboard artists that you can have, free of charge, for a couple hours each week;)

Anonymous said...

Projects are always more fun when you have extra hands. It was a very fun weekend with lots accomplished. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

The weather is crazy good. I think you need some shocks on the baby buggy, maybe a lift kit, sound system run off of one of them new fangled gizmoppies, and flames.
Uncle Todd