Saturday, March 31, 2012

Holy Smokes

This week has been a week.

First business trip is complete. It only took two babysitters (a million thanks to Auntie Em, and Sina!) to help make it happen, but it is done.

I went to San Antonio for a meeting with our ad agency. I left at 4PM Tuesday, and was back around 9PM Wednesday but it felt longer than that. Nate and I got all new appliances in the kitchen Thursday, but found out it didn't come with install, so Nate is working on that.

The rest of the week has been spent catching up at work, catching up at home and prepping for this ridiculous easter egg hunt that we are hosting tomorrow. We are talking 22 kids under the age of 5. It should promise to make a great blog post.

Anyway, that is my story this week. Luckily, we cashed in on a baby gift that was given to us last summer....a week's worth of a personal chef, so we have been eating well without the cooking. A-mah-zing.

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Marna said...

This Easter Egg Hunt sounds like so much fun. I may come next year wearing my best Easter Bonnet:). This is a great annual event.