Monday, March 12, 2012

Wet and Wilderness

It was the annual family trek to the WI Dells this year.
It proved to be three times as fun with three kids.

Every time we get these cousins together it is more and more fun to watch them all interact.

Finn is always the provider of smiles from Matilda.

Leo really likes that Matilda has lots of taggies just like him.
But is not as big of a fan of Matilda when his Mama is holding her.

Matilda was very content to sit and people watch all day.
And really, isn't that half of the fun of going to the Dells?
I mean the tattoo spotting alone could fill up an entire day.

Matilda cracked very very few smiles while at the pool.
She totally enjoyed herself.
Just wasn't a big fan of all of the adults around.

Loved smiling at the kids though.

If I hear one more comment about how serious she is I think I might explode.

Looks at this crew.

Finn still was not up to braving the "bucket" three years later, but he wasn't for lack of activities. Wave pool, basketball pool. So much fun that it tuckered this little guy out.

Tillie has taken to giving kisses, which Leo was happy to reciprocate.

Kissing cousins. Only cute until they are about 8 years old, right?

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