Saturday, March 24, 2012

9 Months

Nine Months has brought:

It started with her giving kisses to her bath toys every night, and now I get lots of kisses too. Daddy, not so much yet which of course does NOT sit well with him. 

 (although it more of an inappropriate salute at this point)

Strong Preferences at the dinner table.
 As in, do NOT hold the spoon in front of this girls mouth if she isn't ready for another bite. She will let you know. I am sure this is to my parent's delight as I was quite possibly the world's worst eater growing up.

She weighed in at 19 pounds, 2 ounces. 27.5 inches.

At 9 Months, I am proud that I can (finally) say that she is rolling over. Yes, most Moms are probably touting their 9 month old crawling or walking. No we are not worried about it. We are relishing in it. I told Nate that I think we will get to feel like she is a 'baby' just a bit longer not having her mobile.

Although the rolling over has posed problems for her weekly pics.

The ninth month also brought her first serious little rash (described as infant psoriasis by the ped) that we treated with a little steroid oil.

Her 2nd ear infection.

And the first time we had to use a glycerin supposity to help us, ahem...get things moving.

I never thought I would EVER in a million years say we have a good sleeper, but the last few weeks have been stellar. 

Sleeping over 12 hours a night, and taking 2 GREAT naps on the weekend. Finally starting to outgrow that 3rd nap.

It is so fun introducing more and more foods to Matilda. She LOVES pear--seriously would eat it for every meal, but also loves Mango, nectarine, asparagus. We just started some cauliflower, lentils and red peppers too. So far so good. (although some have to be masked with pear :) )

Matilda really loves reading right now too. She especially likes storytime with Daddy because he has much better silly voices than me....

I love watching her with other kids the most. She absolutely loves other kids. Adults--not as much--they get the skeptically concerned face. But kids, there is kicking and clapping and grunting and laughing. A little social butterfly. A particular social butterfly.

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Anonymous said...

already 9 a fine little lady, I might add!!