Thursday, October 6, 2011

We Came For Beans

I've always said that Target carries a $100 deductible. You come in for a few things. You leave with $100 worth of merchandise.

And with a baby, this has only worsened.

Nate wanted to make chicken burritos. We had no beans. 
Very easy solution to the problem: walk to Target to get some.

Yup. We came for beans, and left with this:

1) Sunscreen: for our upcoming Hawaii trip.
2) French Bread--because it is the only decent bread I have found that doesn't contain milk, egg, or soy.
3) Candy---because I literally LIVE on candy since no other baked goods on in the cards for me.
4) Extra bottles for my Mom and Dad who are watching Tillie while we are in Hawaii.
5) Girls socks. Because they were cute and I figure a baby in minneapolis can never have too many socks or hats.

Oh, and the beans.

So, a $1.08 purchase turned in to a $38.96 purchase. Not bad, Target. Not. Bad.
Good thing you employ my husband as it helps my guilty conscience for spending so much at your store.


Anonymous said...

Now I can figure out how to comment....:)))

Anonymous said...

That was dad by the way!!!