Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Translation Tuesday: Paci War

Nate and I have always had our 'own little language' filled with random quotes from TV, movies, inside jokes with friends, etc that we then take and use (and sometime abuse) and morph into our own way of communicating with each other.

Kind of like I imagine twins would. But more along the lines of  two people who have been dating each other for over 13 years.

And so, I present to you Translation Tuesday--which will feature our most popular terms that an adult trying to have a conversation with us could be confused by and perhaps even think we are crazy.

Paci War: having to give Matilda the pacifier MORE than 5 times over the course of 15 minutes to get her to go to sleep, go back to sleep, stay asleep...you get the picture.

How you will hear us using it:

"If I have to have one more paci war today, I will go insane."
"Man, I can't believe Matilda went down without a paci war."

Hopefully the paci, wars become less and less common as we are planning on taking that sucker (pun intended) away from Tillie cold turkey pretty soon....we'll see how that goes since this girl has loved her paci since the day she was born...


Nate Hanson said...

Another popular use:
N) How was her nap this afternoon?

G) Fine. Slept for 40mins, Paci war, slept another hour, woke up screaming. Pretty typical really.

N) Good to know Gert, good to know!

Anonymous said...

May I mumble dog face to the bananna patch?
Uncle Todd