Monday, October 3, 2011

The Elusive Lincoln Lawyer

Two months.

That is how long we have had the Lincoln Lawyer rented from Blockbuster. Two. Months.

Nate kept pushing me to take it back, but I was firm. No. I wanted to watch the movie. It got great reviews and we will definitely be able to watch a movie again, right?

The answer is yes. But it will take you two months.

Well Friday night we snuggled the little Tillie bean into bed, and then we crept downstairs to enjoy our comfy couches and nice TV. NOTE: this is a very risky maneuver as it seems Matilda just knows when we go down there and wakes up immediately.

We had pre-popped popcorn so as to not wake her up.

We started the movie. And held our breaths (Okay,  I held my breath--Nate isn't' superstitious) as the minutes ticked by.

And as the closing credits started to roll up the screen, a single tear rolled down my cheek. SUCCESS! We did it. We watched a movie. In our house. Downstairs. Without the baby waking up. Boom.

Now, it may take us 2 more months to watch another one. Which of course means we have to be very selective in our viewing options. Any recommendations of must-see movies out on DVD?


Scorpicon said...

I have heard that Ishtar is a critically acclaimed classic.

Glad to hear you guys are getting something like a normal life back - one day at a time.

Anonymous said...

There is a great trilogy that I am sure Nate owns, called Star Wars (the original). You could always watch that!

- L. Skywalker
National Petitioner for Hanson

Anonymous said...

Didn't WOW have an underground movie? I think Nate should delve into it.
Uncle Todd