Sunday, October 23, 2011

Four Years and Counting

It's hard to believe that four years have already passed since Nate and I got married. It's hard to believe that we have been dating each other for nearly FOURTEEN years. But what is actually the hardest thing to do is imagine my life without this guy.

And we are so lucky to have incredible people in our lives that get us and the need for 'us' and volunteered to watch our little peanut while we flew across the Pacific to Hawaii.

While, we did spend a lot of time talking about Tillie, missing Tillie, looking at pictures of Tillie...

...We also took advantage of our baby free time to do some things we couldn't have done with a baby. Like go on a helicopter tour of the island with NO DOORS... (not a safe activity period let alone with a babe)...but seriously incredible and something you should absolutely do if ever in Kauai. Believe me...we were NOT going to do it. But you start to scratch the surface of the island's beauty and you just have to see more.

We also did some smaller hikes. I say smaller because we had some bigger ones planned but a discovery of MANY spiders of significant size one those hikes, the long ones were promptly canceled by me. I'll admit it. I can't do spiders. I can pretend they aren't there...but once I see one there is nothing you can do.

Nate kindly pointed out the million's of spider webs in this cave, which is why the picture is only of him. I stayed far back and got good use out of my zoom...

We also got to enjoy a lot of good food. It was very nice to not have to worry about anything being too spicy, or having nuts, or citrus for Matilda. And I went nuts with Tomatoes. The only restriction was no dairy. And to my delight the shave ice we enjoyed in Maui was just as popular in Kauai. And was still has big as my head!

We continued to strike out on the 'take a beautiful scenic drive' activity (last one thwarted was the Ring of Kerry in Ireland) as the fog was so dense when we went to Waimea Canyon you could barely make it out oonce we got up to the top of the mountain. But we got the best of it when we took it in my helicopter a few days later..

But aside from the beautiful beaches, tropical location, and sunshiney weather the best part was just getting to hang with my hubby. Doing things like getting groceries really quickly. Or doing things slowly like reading in a beach chair and then taking a nap. Talking about non-Tillie things. Annnndddd..talking about Tillie things.

And while we very much enjoyed our time away, we were both anxious to get back. Because while Nate and Greta were the original 'us', it just doesn't quite feel right without Matilda now*. The new 'us'.

*Please note to any babysitters reading: this does not mean we are not interested in babysitting services in the future. :)

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Mom and Dad took me to Hawaii when I was a freshman in high school. I remember getting propositioned by a hooker and mom telling me not to pay any attention to that hussie!
Uncle Todd