Tuesday, October 4, 2011

15 Weeks

15 Weeks has come and gone, and our little Peanut keeps getting bigger and surprising us with firsts.

She survived her first cold the last few weeks. Snotty, congested, coughing cold. I didn't know a sneeze and cough could be so cute, but it was. 

Tillie had her first GIGGLE this week which was incredible. And who better to get the first giggle out of her than Grandma, who came up for a quick visit. Of course Nate is super jealous and even though he doesn't explicitly tell me, I can tell he is really working it to try to get a giggle out of her.

And another big first: Tillie rolled over!
I am not sure that it 'counts' officially, but it counts for me! 
She was under her activity mat on a small pillow, and kicked her little legs over (see below) and to her surprise and mine....
she flipped right over onto her tummy.

She is 'talking' more and more, and has a new sort of squeal/shriek that she is trying out. 
Personally, Nate and I would probably take a little less talking and a little bit more sleeping if we had to choose.

It's a good thing this girl is darn cute.


Nate Hanson said...

PS - What was your lesson learned this week? I don't miss much, I read this blog pretty religiously!

Marna said...

I hope I get to see Matilda this coming weekend. She has changed so much:) I can't wait to hold her and squeeze her and try to take her to Florida . . . just kidding:) I'd love to see the two of you also, but if I had to pick just one person . . . just saying!