Monday, October 24, 2011

18 Weeks

Tillie keeps growing and stretching out. She such a long thing and she seems to carry her weight in her cheeks and thighs! :)

In the past few weeks, Tillie has started giggling a lot more, and has truly found her fingers. Soothing herself with her pointer and middle finger ALL THE TIME (see below)

The good news is that this means she can soothe herself back to sleep when she wakes up, which also means Nate and I are starting to get more sleep than we are used to. It also means the end (*hopefully*) of the paci war.

And it means we have a finger sucker. But I am okay with that. 100%.

Because she is a pretty darn cute finger sucker.

She is starting to take notice of her feet more, and rocking side to side on her back but still no rolling over and she hasn't truly 'found' her feet. I am just waiting for her to enjoy the 'happy baby' yoga pose. 

Other firsts for week 18 included her first extended time away from Mom and Dad while she hung with Grandma and Grandpa in Viroqua. It was also the first time in about 6 weeks she slept for 12 hours without waking up! And the very first time ever that she slept through the night without a feeding. HOORAY!

Lesson I learned this week: Leaving your baby for a week, when you haven't been away from her longer than 3 hours, is really tough. But she will be okay, and so will you.


Anonymous said...

My how time flys....
Absence makes the heart grow fonder...
What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...
Great family, lucky Til!
See you soon,
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Ya know you don't have to go to Hawaii to get away. You can always do what great grandma Ekern did to me and just leave her at the hair dresser.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

That Munchie is a chunker....She definetly loves her fingers!!!!