Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is What Happens When Your Child is Born in MN

After finding flecks of blood in Matilda's diaper last week, we are on a strict diet to find out what is causing the blood (and hopefully some of her fussiness).

This means:
No Soy
No Wheat
No Egg
No Fish
No Peanut Butter
No Tree Nuts
No Cow's Milk
No Dairy

You heard me right. No cow's milk or dairy. No god-fearing Wisconsin girl would have a food intolerance to dairy. So CLEARLY this is all because she was born in MN (the lesser of the two states), because I can't explain it any other way. Nate and I certainly both adore all things dairy. Cheese. Cottage Cheese. Yogurt. Chocolate. Etc. So she didn't get this from us!

Look at this's begging for dairy---but her stomach doesn't agree.

Well my assumption is that it is dairy. It could be fish. Which is fine by me, because that is MUCH easier to give up for me than DAIRY. Argh....

So for now I am drinking rice milk (yuck), and eating rice crackers, and having rice or potatoes for most of my meals. It's a great post-pregnancy diet plan...but I want my cheese back. And I want the ability to race to the cupboard and grab something and stuff it in my face when hunger strikes and I am feeding Matilda without having to read the ingredient deck 8 times.

How are you supposed to be a cheese-head with no cheese? Someone explain that to me?


Anonymous said...

Hopefully she will out grow the intolerance. This will give you time to rate in order which Dairy you love and miss the most. Blaming the state of MN is a great idea! On Wisconsin!!! Love, MOm

Debra Fiterman said...

I cannot stop looking at this picture! On another note, I did check and dry pasta is just wheat and water. So if wheat is back on...bring on the pasta party!

Anonymous said...

I think I should be on 'this 'diet too...not because I'mm feeding anybody(except myself)...but I think it could really shave off the weight...but then, to hell with it...I'm too old to change...and I love MY dairy too...Tillie is going outgrow this, I'm sure...and I say On Wisconsin isn't any better in Iowa!!!!TOF