Monday, July 25, 2011

One Month

Well, after a month of having a newborn, this is what I can say for sure:

The day's of getting anything done 'on-time' are over.

Here we are a day after she has turned 5 weeks, and I haven't blogged any pictures from her one month birthday.

Yes, we are still taking pictures. It is the uploading, editing, and blogging them that seems to be the problem.

But I am trying this new tactic of swaddling Matilda for a few naps a day which allows me the chance to do something. And by somethign i mean race arond the house adn try to make food for myself, fill water bottles, go to the bathroom, pay bills, clean the litterbox, and maybe if I have the chance, blog. :)

Happy One Month (and a week now...) to our baby girl Matilda!


Marna said...

You can pay bills anytime. Matilda only turns 5 weeks old one time. And you can tell the creditors that I said that! Oh, and show them a pic of that adorable little girl. And bathrooms are over-rated - Depends! Am excited to see you all next month.

Anonymous said...

Marna is right!!! Enjoy the days with Matilda, even the melt down times!!!!


Anonymous said...

Like a kidney stone, this too shall pass...very soon you kids will hit your groove and be giving parental tips to other newbies. It is sort of funny, there is no written manual for this thing we call life...just instincts and gut feelings. Go with the flow and when in doubt always choose C for multiple guess questions...
Uncle Todd