Sunday, July 17, 2011

Magazine Cuisine: Episode 14

Yummm...check out this delicious dish:

Nothing like a little Feta Stuffed BLT Burger to wet your appetite on this warm summer day. One would picture Nate and I resuming our normal lives but just with a baby right?


We haven't cooked much of anything these last four weeks without the help of friends and family. Although we did manage to make chicken enchildas tonight (only the world's easiest recipe). This was our last Magazine Cuisine that we made pre-Matilda and i Just never got around to blogging about it.

Nope--no fun new recipes here unless you count figuring out how to use leftovers to make as many meals possible as fun. If it wasn't for the amazing people in my life, I would be starving. Matilda would be starving. And Nate would be living off of PBJ and Quesadillas (his go to meals of choice when I am gone).

So to my Mom--thanks for all of the delicious food you have brought to us on your many trips up here the last few weeks. From Nate's favorite coffee to fruit, chicken, bread, etc. It has kept us going.

Summer--the BBQ kept Nate fed last week. The scones and Costco treats were a lifesaver for me.

Marie--the taco night. You came to our door at the perfect time...and it was the biggest sigh of relief to know that we didn't have to worry about dinner that night. And now you have us in bagels for the next few days which will most definitely get devoured.

Katie F.--for coming to my house and cooking me a fresh dinner of veggie stir-fry and giving me MUCH needed adult conversation.

Sina--the POWER FOOD lunch was amazingly delicious and oh so healthy!

Andrea--the BIg Bowl on the night Nate had class was clinch. It was such a long day alone and your timing was perfect. (And the 'to-go' turkey dinner came in handy that next night!).

I never thought that COOKING--something Nate and I absolutely love to do would be something we just. couldn't. get. done. But it is. I am confident we will get back there, and hopefully soon.

But in the meantime--perhaps Magazine Cuisine should be called: What can I throw together with the crap in my cupboard?


Anonymous said...

Bust out some strained peas eh? Sounds like you kids are getting dialed in. Life is a journey and sometimes you have to make 3 right hand turns to go left. Just sing the "hamonner" song.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great support group you have there Gert!!! I would have brought beer and called it close enough...
stay cool...

Rachel Rosen said...

I would like to submit a request for a blog post from the Daddy perspective from Nate. :-)

Debra's mom said...

Greta, as you know I'm a professional grandma. Anytime you want to bring Tillie over I would love to watch her while you go to lunch, shop, etc. You don't need to bring a thing! Got the bed, diapers, powder, creams, etc. Just bring the kid and her beverage of choice (byob...bring your own boob) and I've got it covered! Seriously! I miss those days!!!!