Saturday, July 16, 2011

Keeping It Real

Life with a newborn is not all peaches and ponies, and I definitely do not want to lead anyone astray that it is.

Take last night for example.

 I could spin it to say this:
Nate and I got to do some of our favorite things last night. Enjoy a beautiful sunset on Lake Minnetonka. Have a Punch Pizza dinner for two. Explore new places and try new things.

But in reality this is what happened:
After pulling out every trick on the new parent handbook to help Matilda over her fussiness (swing, stroller ride, gibberish singing, etc etc etc) we thre her in the car seat and started to drive. Destination: whenever Matilda stops crying.

This took us toward Lake Minnetonka, where we passed the Punch PIzza in Wayzata. Nate hopped out. I kept driving for fear that Matilda would awake. He jumped back in. We ate pizza from a box while driving. We happened to catch a beautiful sunset as we were driving.

Then we had a choice to make--head back toward home or keep driving. I opted for the keep driving as I wanted Matilda to sleep and sleep and sleep until her crankiness was gone. So we ended up in Chaska. A 'suburb' neither of us had ever been to. Exotic, exciting Chaska. Which we continued to drive straight through.

And so, we had a 'driving date'.

Matilda woke up. Ate her midnight snack and went to bed. (Whew!).

Today is a new day, and hopefully a 'fuss-free' day.....


Anonymous said...

one day at a time. Trust your instincts and listen to Tillie.
You are all going to get through this...Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

As your side panel "Currently" says- Remember to

Always Look Ahead!

See you tomorrow eve. Love, Mom