Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Hate My House

No really, I hate my house.

In the last 6 weeks, we have had a tree go partially down and break our neighbor's fence, water in the basement all the way into our finished area and tonight...a broken air conditioner. And not just a 'call the repair guy, pay the emergency fee' sort of broken. The replace it for $4,000 broken.

Ok, so maybe I don't hate my house so much as I hate being an adult and having to deal with all of it. And on top of that dealing with it WITH a newborn, that doesn't especially enjoy the early evening hours, which makes it nearly impossible to get anything done when Nate is at home (which is usually only during those early evening hours..).
How do you swaddle an infant when it is 83 degrees in your house? And how do you sleep when you have an infant that won't sleep without a swaddle?

Riddle me that.

And whatever I did to piss off the karma gods, I would like to know what it is so I can make it right and go on with our lives--incident free for a while.


Marna said...

I think you need a change of scenery. Maybe Matilda wants to come to St Louis! I can't breast feed her and I'm not allowed to sing out loud, but I can do everything else. You could see the ARCH (woot-woot) and hang with Meghan! Doors are always open! ME

Anonymous said...

It never rains kids, only pours to high heaven...home ownership...ain't it grand!!!TOF

Anonymous said...

Ok. Problem solved. Pick up some Half & Half pipe tobacco (like Granpa Ekern used to smoke back in the day), a bottle of Premium and head over to the lake. Offer up the gifts to the Gods of Minnesota by scattering them into the water - do not throw the bottle in the water as it will just piss them off again... - to show them they need not be intimidated by a couple of travelers from Wisconsin. Within a fortnight all will be well.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

humor or the hard cold facts of life. either way or a little of both you too will get through it. Hang on during the tough days and really celebrate the great ones. We are all here to help. Love, Mom