Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Fool

Ahh--April Fools Day.

I sit here reflecting on my biggest April Fool's Day coup EVER last year, and know there is just no topping least not this year.

I figured everyone would be on high alert, and to be honest it kind of snuck up on me this year.

Nate thought I should fake winning a sweepstakes, but that really isn't that fun for anyone else. What WOULD have been fun was to fake someone else winning a sweepstakes but to do that you have to know whether or not someone had entered. And ultimately that ends up being quite mean.

So I will recycle my glory from last year, and use this day to brainstorm for next year.

Did any of you get fooled today?


Scorpicon said...

D tried to fool me, but I was on high alert. ;-) She managed to fool my sister though. :-)

Anonymous said...

My spidy senses were on high alert after swallowing the hook down to my colon last year.
I did manage to cause tremendous cerebral anxiety on my nephew Jordan.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

I also tried to get our IS support to send a message out that to improve the speed of data they were going to be blowing medical grade nitrogen (very dry no humidity) down the data lines from the servers to the computers and you will need to unplug your data line from your computer and put a bag over it so data dust does not go into your computer. They have no sense of HA in IS land...
Uncle Todd

jessica said...

the kids and i saran wrapped the doors on dan and aunt emily. both "victims" already knew what was coming, but played it up perfectly to the INSANE amusement of about 8 kids. emily actually kept her position, with head back and pig nose pasted, for several seconds in order to extend the giggles as long as possible. good times.