Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bid It Up!

It's official! Our 3rd Anniversary trip is booked...well 60% booked.

I got a little trigger happy on Luxury Link and started bidding on anything in our price range and in California (it's a tradition now after all). Of course since we had so much time until OCTOBER to figure out the details I was low-balling everything. So imagine my surprise when I get a confirmation bid email that tells me I have the highest bid for a 3 night stay. And now imagine even MORE surprise when I find out I didn't exactly read the fine print and the days it's good on is only Sunday-Thursday. Whoops. Oh well...guess we will just have to enjoy the CA sunshine a little longer.

This year's theme is WINE COUNTRY! Yeah! We are staying at the Hanford House in Sutter Creek and plan to do lots of relaxing, wine drinking, and outdoor exploring.

The best part of Luxury Link (besides the joy and suspense of winning a bid, and picking from amazing properties) is all of the little extra's you get included in the price. In our package we get:
  • 3 nights in your choice of suite, each with fireplace, oversize soaking tub, flat-panel television and DVD library, and private balcony
  • Coffee & tea tray delivered to your room each morning, including freshly baked scones
  • Full gourmet breakfast for two each morning
  • Amador County wine and artisan cheeses each evening
  • Complimentary internet access
  • Complimentary private parking 
I'm not going to lie. Not sure why one would need freshly baked scones every morning AND free breakfast, but I'm not complaining. So now we are looking for our flights and dreaming of future travel adventures. I cannot plug Luxury Link more...their customer service is great, we had no issues last year and cannot wait to experience it again this year!!


Becca said...

FUN! Sounds amazing. Can't wait to try that luxury link myself. Nick's first furlow...he promised. You'll be all set then to help us with our travel plans for Big Sur marathon NEXT April :) So excited for you guys...

Anonymous said...

If that tub has jets fill it up and let it run for 30 minutes to see if anything odd colored comes out. Bad experience once where the previous occupants let a baby drop some bombs that got caught in the filter...we got upsized to a nicer room and a free stay...I took a long shower in the new room. You just don't know what sort of biological shenanigans have gone in these lustful tubs of pleasure...just sayin...
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

is anyone bidding for an afternoon of full contact euchre at Liberty? Is that on the Luxury Link site...if not, it should be..they are even serving Chicago dogs now...all uptown

Anonymous said...

Gert, I am so excited for you! This place looks sooo awesome, and I've thought about bidding on that package in the past (I too am addicted to Luxary Link, thanks to you :) Can't wait to hear about your experience..if it's a good one then I many need to just pull the trigger myself and book it :)