Monday, April 12, 2010

Play Ball!

We were in Viroqua this past weekend and got to spend some great time with Finn outside in the gorgeous spring weather we are having. With the Twins stadium opening up today, baseball must have been in the air.

Becca had bought a baseball game for Finn, and he loved it.....couldn't quite keep up with how fast he was talking because he was so excited.

And seeing as we were in Vernon County, the baseball plates were home-made with class.

And some extra photos just for a bonus:

The biggest event of the weekend was not the baseball game but my Dad's discovery of iTunes.....can you sense the excitement?

Now we've got Mom and Dad on iTunes, surfing the web, set up with Gmail, Skyping and shopping online all over the place. It was quite the one point we were all huddled around the table with 3 laptops with shouts of "ooooo, I like that song, that's an automatic super buy.."

Kind of like the super, top secret fishing spot, or the ultra hot spot when we are fishing right Dad?


Anonymous said...

Mom was all over the laptop last night...:)) You guys have a fun trip to the Big Apple...I'll just be hanging here surfing the Net...


Becca said...

Cute pictures :)
Better get blogging some of mine!

Faith | Print Flyers said...

Wow. It's good to know someone enjoyed the past weekend. Pictures say it all, you all had fun, fun, fun.