Friday, April 23, 2010


Today another major milestone passed me by: my exit interview for Grad School.

I cannot tell you what a gigantic waste of time this required meeting was. First of all, I never even needed to take out a loan. I just figured, why not get some free moola from the government in the amount of $1,000. And, let's be honest, Nate pretty much told me I would be an idiot for not doing it.

So I did it. And now as I wilt in this stupid meeting, I literally am considering raising my hand and asking if I can just write a check for the loan amount escape this awful, poorly lit, crowded with undergrads room. Ugh.
I have about..oh...a million other things I could and would rather be doing. BUT I can't just leave because they won't take my stupid little gold slip of paper with my completion signature on it until 10:30. Really?

What if that slip of paper came witha $1,000 check? Would you take it then?

Because I promise you, University of Minnesota, I do not need your fancy power point on paying off my credit card bills, or your analysis on what happens when you have late fees on your loans. I also don't need your friendly tips on why it is important to pay off these loans so if you want to go to grad school you can get more loans. Why? Because I am done with school. Forever.

So take this ridiculous meeting and stuff it.

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Anonymous said...

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Uncle Todd