Saturday, April 17, 2010

Run This Town

I learned a few things today.

1) Central Park is an amazing place to run.
2) It is much hillier than one would expect.
3) If you are dressed in running clothes you will be mistaken as a 'real' NY...many times.

Nate and I kicked off our Saturday in the City with an 8 mile run in Central Park. And it was amazing. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

After being asked 3 times for directions, and explicitly being told that we 'looked like New Yorkers' we clearly got a little to big for our Midwest britches and God decided to treat us to a real NY experience...get stuck in a PACKED subway train for 30 minutes.

Next up was checking out the Union Square Farmers Market. Nate was all jazzed about roasted sweet corn, and I with all sassiness possible in my voice stated: "It's a farmers market, Nate. Not a Fair." So you can imagine the grief I received when we stumbled upon this:

Note the shit eating grin.

There were all sorts of tasty treats, spices and crafts to be had.

We decided that when in NY, Broadway is a must so we braved the TKTS line and scored seats at West Side Story. It was great. The person who played Maria rocked the stage. I forgot how much I love the music from this show. I sang for most of the subway ride home (of which we did NOT get stuck, thankfully!).


Anonymous said...

Looks like another great fun day!!!
have a safe trip home!!


Anonymous said...

Fun updates. I remember how pretty the trees were in central park a few years back and I can't imagine going to NYC and not seeing a play. What about the candy store?? Safe travels-Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

You realize when you were jogging and being mistaken for NYers, you really let them down on their NY experience...they are in central park. They expect to be mugged. You could have offset the cost of the yummy roasted corn. (Never doubt your hubbys sense of the way did you put mayo, cheese, and a dusting of chili powder on it? Way yummy!) Instead you treated them with respect and kindness. Maybe they got lucky with the next pair of joggers.
Uncle Todd

Nate Hanson said...

We did in fact slather our corn with some sort of liquified 'butter' and chili powder. But admitedly, it was too spicy for me... amazingly Gert can handle spicy hot way better than I can. I was literally crying like a baby from the spice, while she was licking her fingers clean to get every last drop.

Becca said...

Need to add Central Park on my list for running destinations I guess. I wonder if the New York marathon runs through it at all? ;)