Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jerry's Kids

Ahh...Jerry's Kids. A drinking game for this history books, and one that is sure to inspire a good time whenever it is played. It is always sure to inspire sassiness, headaches and the occasional hugging of the toilet.

Enter Friday night...where 6 girls with a whole lot to celebrate (3 engagements and 1 going away) and pre-set intentions to spend the night and get our drink on in elastic pants, and an email from Katie at 4:30 PM entitled: "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry...". You get the picture. 

So the night started innocently with our celebrations:

And then progressed to this....

The quick 411 on Jerry's Kids is that it is a fast paced drinking game, typically played with beer that involves 2 dice, 3 shot glasses, pairs and a whole lot of drinking. Now being the high maintenance girls we are, some of us drank beer, others of us drank a disgusting lemonade vodka, and the true champ of us downed champagne.

Champagne. 3 shots at a time. Until the whole bottle was gone. In about 20 minutes. Yikes. And to the victor go the spoils:

What sometimes gets confusing when you play Jerry's Kids is who the winner and the loser is. Is the winner the person that drink the most or drinks the least? Well you tell me...does this look like the face of  a winner?


Anonymous said...

Tough business that Jerry's Kids..Did you have to instill the Whitey Rule???


P.S. Tough break on Kansas...Go West Virginia!!

Amy said...

You're always the winner in my book Gert! I hope you are feeling better today! Champers is the DEVIL!

Anonymous said...

Is this anything like Bob Bob? While watching the Bob Newhart show you each took 1 shot of beer each time someone said Bob. It was always killer when his secretary would shake her head while finger waggling and say Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob.
Uncle Todd

Becca said...

this made me laugh out loud.
yes, your face DOES look like the face of a winner.
Love that game.
Can't wait to play it again.
And most definitely I hope to play it with YOU.