Friday, March 26, 2010

Excited for Nothing

No literally...I am so excited for nothing. Nothing.

As in this weekend we have nothing planned. I have no school work (although Nate does). Work work is under control. I am even excited to not have plans that are actually fun.

There is going to be some workouts, some basketball, a regular good old-fashioned date day for Nate and I and general relaxation.

The only thing I have 'scheduled' is a massage tomorrow...I know...tough life right?

We are going to soak it up this weekend because the next 6 weekends are totally booked (with mostly fun stuff, but still booked)! So if you need us, we will be in an utter state of relaxation and bliss.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a very chilllaxing weekend!!! Go West Virginia!


Anonymous said...

Where did you find a $6 Thailand massage in the cities???
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Hope You were able to relax and enjoy not having the weekend booked. Wishing you a good week and can't wait to see you....soon! Love, Mom