Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cooking LIght: Birthday Edition

It was Nate's birthday last week and he told me that ALL he wanted for his birthday was for me to make him meatloaf.

Seems like a pretty easy request right? Well let me know tell you two very important things:

1) I despise meatloaf.
2) I don't like touching meat.

For those of you who have made meatloaf, you know that to truly get the mix just right and the loaf built just HAVE to touch the meat.

So I pulled out our Cooking Light book and sure enough they had a recipe to try out. I was a little nervous right out of the gate as this particular recipe called for ground beef, ground pork, and ground veal. As I plopped everything into the bowl and started mashing everything together with my hands I turned and looked at Nate and said: "This is love right here...."

I was pleasantly surprised meatloaf is actually quite easy to make, although it photographs terribly--probably because it is terrible.
In all fairness, this meatloaf was edible. Okay actually wasn't bad at all. And maybe semi-tasty. Perhaps my tastes are becomign more refined as I age.....


Anonymous said...

Hey, we are having meatloaf tonite!!! Don't like meatloaf??? How can anyone not like meatloaf??? You might be out of the club..
see ya tomorrow...fresh jerky on the way!!!

Amy said...

I agree with Nate, MEATLOAF is scrumptious. Greta, your marketing brain is getting in the way - I think you just don't like the name and that's why you don't like it.

Faith | said...

Aw. Nate must've really love meatloaf that he requested for it on his birthday. But I'm surprised to know that you despise meatloaves? How come?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nate. Best meatloaf I ever had came from the Westby IGA made by Bob Devine. It even had the classy name of "Bobs meatball mix". I am sure you notice the difference between "ball" and "loaf" in the title. It's shape it was cooked in did not matter - heck on days I was living on the edge I would make burgers out of it. YUMMO! I wonder if Bob donated the recipe to the history section of the library?
Uncle Todd

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Nate!!

Anonymous said...