Sunday, September 29, 2013

6 Months of Bea

It's is truly almost impossible to believe that Bea is already at 6 months. It is as if time as been on TiVo triple fast-forward since she arrived, and we are 6 months later.

I have never been shy about stating my disdain for the newborn stage. And truthfully, I didn't really love babydom until Tillie turned 6 months old. But if anyone could get me to say...'okay okay, maybe I kind of sort of love the baby stage" is this one.

This smiley, sweet, giggly, snuggly little one.

In the last few months, Bea has been working it. And by working it, I mean, working on rolling, crawling and sitting.

Crawling was her skill of choice...

That is, until she conquered sitting up. And now she is pretty content just chilling out, reaching for toys, watching her new vantage point of her sister and occasionally tipping over.

She also got her first taste of food just after she turned 5 months and has already enjoyed avocado, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, pears, apples, bananas and peaches. So far she hasn't refused any of them. I am still waiting for the food we give her that she just spits everywhere, because she is NOT shy to tell us when she is done.

She also started daycare. Which according to her teachers is going great...she is happy and they love having her. But according to me it is NOT great, mostly because I don't ever get to see her, but also because she is getting about half the amount of sleep so I don't get a happy baby. I pick up a cranky baby.

But luckily for us, it is still nice out, and if there is one thing Beatrice loves--it is being outside.

Well, that and her sister.
Man, she does love her sister. 
And Tillie seems to have graduated from eye-poking and kicking, and now like to test how hard it is to push her over or pull her forward.

And in the last few weeks, Beatrice has seem intrigued by Peek-A-boo.
And will smile if you do it to her.
This week as I was setting up to take her weekly photo, I left the room to grab the camera and when I came back in she had rolled herself up in the blanket she was laying on.

Literally swaddled herself.

Lucky for me I had the good camera and she was pretty darn proud of herself so she wasn't moving, because it made for some pretty great pictures.

And Bea continues to be our little string bean. Now, I'm not trying to name names....but someone is a month younger in this picture....and Bea just doesn't quite measure up in the adorable folds category (which I presume is only a category measured in cuteness for the first few years since no one has ever call my chunky folds cute as an adult).

Look at this little tiny booty.

Oh, Bea. You light up our lives so much. And we are so blessed that you are here.
We are also blessed (especially Mama) that you dropped the last feed in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and are now doing a solid 11-12 hours.

Daddy wishes you would just sleep until you were ready to get up because you still need some help in the form of warm arms to snuggle you after 5:30, but really....who wouldn't mind snuggling you for a little bit every morning? (assuming you do in fact grow out of this at some point)

Older, bigger, squirrelier, squishier.

Months 6-10 were my favorite the first time, so by the laws of logic since I actually enjoyed the first 6 this time around, the next four months that I have been looking forward to will probably be terrible.

But given the rate that time is passing it will only feel like one.

Either way, we will all come out on the other side, and I will still be one lucky Mama!


Anonymous said...

Oh Bea!!!! Can't wait to turn the Tickle Monster loose on her!!!!


Nancy E. said...

Great post Gert, I still think the girls look different but some of those week photo's sure resemble Tillie. It will be so fun to see their similarities and differences. We love it all, Mom

Anonymous said...

The black and white photos look like they could be for an ad for a 1950s TV show Baby Bea and Tillie.
Uncle Todd

Marna said...

It is so fun to see the pictures and compare the girls. It's like Meghan and Emily - one week they look identical and the next week they look like totally different families. I was showing my girlfriend the scrapbooks our girls did of their first 5 years and I commented on Emily's photo and how funny she was. My friend asked why it was tagged 'Meghan'. I said it must be a mistake. She asked why it was dated 1985? (Emily was born in 1989) Ooops!!!