Sunday, September 8, 2013

Garden Cooking

I am sad for oh so many reasons to be heading back to work this week, but one of the things I am going to miss most is cooking every day.

I just can't fathom how we can cook the way we have with me home all day.
The planning.
The shopping.
The chopping.
The prepping.

All gets done before 5PM.

So literally, all we have to do is the actual cooking.

One of my recent favorites we made featured some yummy goodness from our garden, which has been plentiful this year.

Tomato and Arugula Linguine.

Mmmm. Mmm.

Here's hoping next week doesn't relinquish us to chicken nuggets and tacos on a rotating basis.


Anonymous said...

I am now inspired. Going with basil instead arugala.
Uncle Todd

Nancy E. said...

What's better than fresh garden tomatoes? One can chop and bag for the next evening meal while the other does bath time. Your planning and teamwork will really come in handy now. Mom