Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Festivities of the Fall Nature

This is one of those blogs that I don't even really know how to start because I am so obsessed with all of the photos we took that they really  should just speak for themselves.

(and have a moment of honesty here...I am back to work and CRUNCHED for time).

But the moral of this story is last weekend was one of my favorite weekends to head home. We are talking small town county fair. We are talking apple orchards. And we are talking gorgeous weather and a huge backyard.

Plus the Keaty's were home AND we got to hang with the Schulz crew. It was a weekend for the photo book, which is good since I took 350 pictures in three days.

Riding the horsie swings. Every. single. one.

I promised Bea she can come next year. She was busy taking a 3 hour nap...

Grandma love!!!

Getting bigger and bigger!

After answering a lot of questions about why she couldn't ride on the horse, Tillie settled for the sleigh on the carousel with Grandma.

I think Matilda would have been content to be on this ride all day long.

Her cheering section.

A rare shot of all of the adults together.

Getting her bicep workout for the day.

Horses in the backyard = endless entertainment.

Bea spent most of the weekend in her crib catching up on sleep that she missed out on at daycare.


Anonymous said...

Vernon County Fair, one of the best around eh?! Do they still have deep fried beer battered cheese curds? Ssssoooo good!!!
Uncle Todd

Nancy E. said...

Yes Todd, but a GREAT sin occurred this year.....NO Hub Fries! It was a very fun, busy weekend. Thanks for all the great photo memories Gert. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

NO HUB FRIES????? That just aint right....sigh....
Uncle Todd