Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tillie Talks

Oh. This Two Year Old.
This. TWO. year. old.

She is full of it. Every day. All day.
Full of sweetness.
Full of sass.
Full of giggles.
Full of whine.
Full of all things good in this world.

And she is talking up a storm. Like crazy amounts of talking.
The last few days she has taken to 'checking everyone's pants for poopies'.
She will grab your pants, look down there, and say: "no poopy"

She is starting to put all of her baby dolls to bed. Mina, Charlotte and Punky.
They all have to have diapers, and sleep sacks. 
Then she shuts the door and tells everyone to be quiet.
(yes, queue everyone in my family saying...hmmm, wonder where she gets that from?!).

She adores her Toddler yoga. 

And everywhere she goes, she runs.
And announces: "I'M RUNNING!" while she is doing it (as if you couldn't tell--she isn't exactly light on her feet at this point...)

And every morning, I go in to get her (since Nate is down with Bea), and she stands in her crib.
I walk up to her. Tell her it is too early.
She says: "Snuggle, Mama?"
And then wraps her arms around my tummy while I wrap her in a blankie and lift her out of her crib.
Then we snuggle, (which is amazing because it is snuggling AND keeps her quiet so Bea can still sleep).

Until she just can't snuggle any longer.
And she looks up at me, grabs my face with both of her little hands and says:
Good Mornin'. Mama.

And I say: "How was your big sleep?"
And she says: "GOOD"

**And then she usually asks for a snack, OR I ask her if she had any dreams, and she ALWAYS says yes, OWLS!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So dusting off some cobwebs here....please remind me of how the slap bet for the color of eyes turned out again???
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Can this one get any cuter???? That Til is quite the little gal!!!!


Nancy E. said...

Yes Todd, I still have a reserve victory slap that I owe Nate. I said blue, he said brown. Tillie is in my favorite age range (1 1/2 -3) and this post reminds me why. A Doll! Mom

Emily said...

I can't handle this post and the fact that I am missing all of this!! Someone get to Minneapolis ASAP!