Friday, May 25, 2012

Thoughts on *potentially* Losing My Job

This week my company announced there would be about 850 jobs cut over the course of the next month. It was a surreal day on Tuesday as the news started to unfold, meetings were held, and of course the rumors started flying.

It has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. From fear that I would lose job, to an optimistic 'whatever happens will happen for a reason'. I hope that this company, whom I have dedicated 7.5 years of my life to, will recognize and see the value that I feel I add to the organization.

But beyond all of that it was a very good reminder for me that no matter how amazing my employer is, how generous they are, or flexible and accomodating (because it truly is all of those things) is still a corporation first. And I work in Corporate America. And layoffs happen. I am not immune.

And so this whole process serves as a reminder to me to enjoy life outside these corporate walls. The time you spend with your family. The memories you make with your family. And a reminder to truly be present  when you are doing those things. Because if you spend all of your energy and time on work, and work ceases to exist you aren't left with much.

For now I wait and see what my fate will be. But among all that waiting you can bet there will be lots of baby snuggles, laughs with friends, cooking dinner with my hubby and  time to stop and appreciate all that I have right now.


Cinema Lover said...
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Meghan said...

Great post, Gert! We're going through the same thing here - here's to keeping our jobs. Or not, and finding something even cooler to do! :)

Anonymous said...

The only 2 certain things in life are death and taxes...I am going thru the "having to justify my job value" right now too. I feel your angst of the unknown. The uncertainty really bites. But on the other hand a chunk of blue ice could calve off an airplane and hit ya in the head altering your life just as easy...try not to worry about that either.
Uncle Todd

iuli said...

agree agree agree.

H.Maxwell said...

Sometimes we need reminders to make sure we are LIVING. Sometimes the reminder is a lay-off, sometimes a close call in a car accident, sometimes just watching someone pound away on their keyboard and stress out daily, etc. I always say talented people always have a place somewhere and sometimes talented people need to be jarred to take risks. Good luck in the next month. Thinking of you and knowing that you add value. I saw it with my own 2 eyes! :)