Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Three's Company

There is nothing better than seeing these three together.
Finn is so doting on Tillie and she loves to watch him. He does a very good job of cracking her up.
Now that both her and Leo are a little older, they are able to all sit still in one place long enough for a picture or two. 

Frankie seemed to enjoy the Viroqua air and grass too.

 It was a great Mother's Day.....

....Right up until the part where we left to go back to MN and someone decided that it would be a good idea to gun it left out of the Wal-Mart (go figure) parking lot and nail our car.

It would be cliche to say it happened in a split second. But it did.
At the same time it felt like time stopped when I saw it happening, knowing we were going to get hit, spinning around and avoiding the sign-pole, and missing getting hit by another car.

The impact was on Matilda's car door and back tire.
Tillie didn't cry right away, which was more scary. We didn't know how bad it was. Once Nate pulled the car over and stopped it she started screaming, so it was almost a relief.

I have to say that my first instinct once Tillie was in my arms was to swear at the girl that hit us. It went something like this: "What the Hell" (girl shrugs shoulders like she has no idea how that happened) to which I say "I have a fucking BABY"....

Nate called my Dad, who beat the police to the scene and pretty much got it all taken care of. It was a huge relief to have him there. Nick came and rescued Matilda so she could get out of the sun and take a nap. After the adrenaline wore off, and my knees got less-wobbly I was able to reflect and really appreciate how lucky we are. It could have been a lot worse.

In the meantime, we are cruising around in some silver Chevy that smells like an ashtray, so if you smell smoke on any of us, know that we haven't taken up smoking. Oh, and Dad is helping his insured sort through their accident---Yup..that's right. He is the agent for the person that HIT US. Nice, huh?


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you are all ok. You can always fix vehicles.
Uncle Todd

H.Maxwell said...

Love your response! I HAVE A FUCKING BABY! lol