Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ready to Run

We decided that the Run of the Mills was the perfect opportunity for us to take our Group Baby out for her first race. 

Daycare has it in their head that Matilda now has to wear shoes (not sure why since she not crawling, but whatever). So we broke out the adorable kicks that Aunt Brenda and Uncle Mike sent when Tillie was born.

She looks like such a big girl with real jeans and shoes on.

As we pinned our race bibs on, I decided that TIllie also needed one so I quick whipped one up and managed to pin it on her without sticking her, and without her eating the paper.

Working out our pre-race jitters.

We nominated Nate to be the all-time stroller pusher. He accepted.

At the end of the race, we enjoyed a massive post-race spread. No joke--we had more and better food than the post-race debacle of the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half.

Tillie did more snoozing than napping, but I'm pretty sure she is going to be right in there next year racing with the rest of the kidlets in the Cheerios Chase. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Just wanted to point out that the shirts and Til's bib sure bring out the BLUE in Til's eyes!!! See you soon Nate :) Love you all, Mom

Meghan said...

Ok 1. Babies don't need shoes. Have daycare call Marna, she'll set them straight. 2. Those are some really cute shoes :) 3. What? You ate more than a small bag of Combos post-race? That's crazy, why would you ever need more than that?

Anonymous said... bet forshadowing...
Uncle Todd

Becca said...

OH the jeans....