Friday, May 18, 2012

Pinterest Eats

Pinterest. A girls best friend, and a girl's worst enemy. At least for me.
I love to pin, pin, pin. But then the guilt starts to set in that I haven't done anything fantastic off of Pinterest. And am I really just wasting a bunch of time pinning if I never put this stuff into action.

So, what better way to rip off the band-aid of the chalk-board kitchen wall, than to plan a week-filled with Pinterest Recipes.

We kicked the week off with one of my very favorite recipes of 2012, originally found on Pinterest.
Avocado and Chickpea Salad

It is a HUGE winner. Nate and I make this almost every week. Great for lunches, or as a side.
Start by making 2 cups of Quinoa.
Quarter a bunch of cherry tomatoes.
Open up a can of garbanzo beans.
Juice 2 lemons. 

*Fun tip: microwave your lemons 15-20 seconds and you get more juice. Thanks Mom!**
Then process 2 full heaping cups of spinach and an entire bunch of cilantro with 2 cloves of garlic in the food processor.

Cut up 2 avocado's, add some salt, pepper, and a heaping teaspoon of cumin.

And viola---amazing side dish that is super healthy and goes with anything. Mmmm. Mmmm.
No joke, if you only  make one new recipe this year, make it this.

We also made a Rhubarb Crisp, which was extra exciting because it was the FIRST use of a Hanson homegrown veggie/fruit as our rhubarbis up and plentiful. Tomorrow we are making Rhubarb Banana muffins--also off of pinterest.

Our entire menu for the week was based off of recipes from Pinterest, and on the whole we have yet to be disappointed with the recipes I have found.

The Southwestern Stuffed Red Peppers were delish, as was this amazing Carrot/Garbanzo Bean side salad

We also tried  Sweet Potato Vegetarian Burger. I am sure my Dad is gagging a little just considering this but they were GOOD.

And the ultimate bonus--Matilda LOVED these burgers, even with the cayenne pepper. I held my breath as she took the first bite, anticipating a hilariously cute reaction to a little spice. Nope. Didn't even phase her for one second. She just kept shoveling more of it into her mouth. Nate and I are so excited to be entering teh phase of her being able to eat what we eat!

If you have favorite recipes you have found on Pinterest, let me know, and we will give them a whirl!


Anonymous said...

the ol photofoodography is really coming along.
Uncle Todd

Greta Hanson said...

DISCLAIMER: That sweet potato burger is SO not my own photography--it's from the original source! :)

Lot 10 Linden Grove said...

SO excited to try your reccos! I've been limiting my time surfing Pinterest and have missed all of these recipe pins. Can't wait to make them. Please keep posting more, or at least let me know the best ones you try. Thanks!

Debra Fiterman said...

That sweet potato burger is awesome...we've made it and it was a big hit!

H.Maxwell said...

mm totally trying this recipe! Thanks!