Friday, May 4, 2012


I'm pretty sure we are at the beginning stages of making Matilda  a weirdo.
Most people play peek-a-boo by covering up their eyes.
We play it by creating a phantom severed head.

I can't even blame Nate. This little trick started way back in January and I would do it when Tillie was taking breaks while nursing. And I would drop my head way back and come up and say: PEEK! And Tillie would giggle.

Good times were had by all.

But NOW, Matilda thinks it is hilarious to do this herself to incite us to play a game with her.
And she likes to do it at the dinner table.
With food in her mouth.

Can anyone say choking hazard?

So it starts like this. Happy girl going about her business, eating her dinner.

Then the head drops back and she waits. And waits and waits.....
 until someone says "Where's Tillie?"

And then once you do, up comes the head...

And we yell: PEEK!

And she claps, and smiles, and puts more food in her mouth.
Safe, no.
Fun, yes.

And sometimes, having fun is what it is all about.

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Nancy E. said...

Oh how innocent it begins! Before you know it you will be begging, pleading, and setting timers. Enjoy the fun now and keep making a lifetime of happy memories. Love, Mom