Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Weeks

Matilda's 10th week got off to a rough start as she received her first dose of shots at the doctor's office. I will never forget her little face when she got the first prick. It was a heart-breaking mix of sadness and "why are you being so mean, I was being so good..." But, she pretty much slept all day (a special treat for me), and was her old self the next day.

She got her 'digits' at this appointment and as predicted we learned that she is a LONG thing.
11 lb, 12 oz     (50th percentile)
24.5" long        (off the charts-->95%)
14" head           (25th percentile)

She attended her first block party with the Schuster's, and managed to sleep through most of it--loud band playing and all. Which continues to baffle me as the smallest noise at home seems to startle her awake.

She attended her first wedding where she promptly enjoyed her first polka with Mama! She seemed to enjoy the dance floor with the bright lights and music pumping. I foresee many dance parties in our future.

Matilda also got her first bug bite which was right on her face, and made her look like she was going through early puberty. :)

Other than that, Matilda continues to munch those little hands, is working on 'talking' to us, and trying to grab more and more objects. She is full of smiles, and quite the squirmy worm. She doesn't like to be held 'like a baby' but either up over the shoulder or facing out.

We are still working on tummy time too. As you can see she is more interested in munching on her hands then lifting that noggin of hers!

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Anonymous said...

We'll put her through the tummy time paces at Deerfoot in a couple weeks....