Thursday, September 1, 2011

Magazine Cuisine: Episode 16

We are getting a little more capable of cooking each week. Of course, Matilda helps out by being much more content in the evenings (minus last night--but who wouldn't be a little fussy if they were pooping blood....), AND an earlier bedtime.

So usually cooking 'together' goes a little something like this:
Greta preps during day--you know measuring stuff, cutting stuff, etc
Nate cooks while Greta does the night-time nurse
We eat together once Tillie is down for the count

Sure, dinner is sometimes interrupted by the ever-persistent Paci War, but I'll take it, because then I get to eat food like this: BLT Bucatini.

From the most recent edition of Cuisine magazine, this was a super easy recipe that got us to use some of our garden veg (the most neglected garden of the century), and gave us some leftovers for Nate.

Essentially it is spinach, tomatoes and bacon reduced with vinegar and some red-pepper flakes with salt and pepper. Easy, and delicious---although it's hard to screw up anything that has bacon in it!

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iuli said...

this looks really good. any chance you can pass along the link to the recipe online if there is one???