Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guess Who's Getting a Pony?

Last night, we attended my friend's son's 2nd birthday party, and there were pony rides (what a lucky 2 year old right?). We got Matilda her party-wear:
As, I stared hazily off at the kids on the ponies (and I say hazily because Matilda hasbeen not great at sleeping this week), and say to her: "Matilda, if you sleep 6 hours in a row tonight I will buy you a pony."'

Well, unfortunately for Matilda, she missed it by 30 minutes. i think she WOULD have made it but a storm came through and I'm fairly certain the loud cracks of thunder woke her up.

And so a few more lesson's of motherhood came my way yesterday:
1) She is her mother's daughter. Just give the girl a goal.....
2) Don't offer up bribe's you aren't willing to follow through on, although I feel like a miniature pony would totally fit in our backyard and maybe alleviate the lawn-mowing duties.

And as an added bonus, Matilda got her first pony ride:

I am headed north with Matilda to spend a week with my parents so there will be air silence for the next week, but  I promise lots of cute out-doorsy pictures of Matilda when I return!

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Anonymous said...

Get a goat instead of a pony, she won't know the difference (I had a really cool drum as a kid...I seem to remember a picture of an old Quaker on it...), then when she is tired of the goat roast it up over an open fire like Steve at BBQ University.
Uncle Todd