Thursday, August 25, 2011


When Nate and I were discussing baby names, we had very few criteria (if you can even call it that).

1) We wanted something unique, and not a name our baby would share with 1 million other kids in their class.

2) Nate really wanted the name to be 'nicknamable'. He is a huge fan of nicknames, and gives them out whenever they come to him. I'm pretty sure he has at least a dozen names for me.

So, we decided on Matilda for our girl name. Unique? Check. Nicknamable?

Hmm..well there is Tillie (which we LOVE), Tilda, Til, Mattie (which is strictly off-limits unless Matilda decides for herself she wants to be called that since it is grossly overused these days..), Matilda Mae, M&M, and more.

But no one could have predicted the number one nickname of affection we tend to call our babe:


Because this kid is ALWAYS munchin' on her hands. And now she has started munching on blankets, toys, anything she has in her hands. And so, Munchie is seemingly a nickname that has stuck for now. And I have to say I think it fits her perfect.

Well, that an "Tootin' Tillie" which Finn named her. Also appropriate because she does toot a lot.

But for now she is Munchie. She is Tillie. She is Til. She is Matilda Mae, and Matilda. She is stealing our hearts every day, with every little smile...and munch.


Scorpicon said...

She will always be ~ to me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Fun post and great name. I love all her nicknames. I wish you lived closer too...... or that Becca & fam and Dad & I lived closer to you! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

She IS a Munchie gal....!!!!

Anonymous said...

munchie!!!! great name....sort of reminds me of her Mom ...TOF