Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feats of Strength

Watching Survivor, Amazing Race, or any other reality show that required people to hold onto a bar  for a long period of time, balance a bucket on their head for a long time, etc I knew I could never be on those shows for those challenges alone.

I simply did not believe that I would ever be able to endure something like that for that long without just giving up.

Enter my appointment at the VW dealership yesterday. It was an 8:15 appointment. I went in early hoping to beat teh other 8:15 appointments as Matilda would need to eat and get back to sleep by 10 in order for our day to go alright. It had already been a weird morning from a feed/sleep perspective.

We got to the waiting room at 8:04, and by 8:09 Tillie started fussing. So I snuggled her into a blanket and started the sway, shush, paci move.

And I did it for 90 minutes. And she slept.

My left arm had ZERO feeling left in it (in fact I am surprised I still have use of my hand). And I made a lot of promises to a lot of people that if this child would just keep sleeping until they called my name I would....(fill in the blank). And she woke up, but I got her back down (a major accomplishment in my book).

The main takeaway for me was that now I can apply to be on reality tv, because all I have to do when I am standing above a mud pit balanced on a little log holding onto water buckets trying to do it the envision that my daughter sleeping depended on me continuing to do this task.

Because I would honestly do anything to get this one, and keep this one, sleeping. :


Stephanie said...

You've got the move down! I recall my hands being numb from the trip home with Katy. Not fun. I'll join you on reality tv and we'll kick some butt! Or at least hold things for a really long time with our amazingly strong guns :-)

Anonymous said...

Ya might want to utilize Matildas super powers to your advantage. Just think how motivated they would be to move you up in line and get you out if she is fussing with a major blowout and you were not "prepared" to deal with it. Just a suggestion...
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

still a successful VW trip though...!!! A couple of days and all hands will be on deck to help!!! Even Uncle Whitey.....