Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thank You Thomas Edison

We had a special surprise last Thursdsay that I would have blogged about immediately had I not been rendered unable by the very thing I wanted to blog about: Power.

Yes, power. Electricity. The stuff that turns stuff on.

I pull into the driveway with a list in my head a million to-do boxes long of what I need to get done and Nate says;--Power's Out. (Good thing the swearing challenge was done because there was LOTS of it).

It wasn't until I suggested watching a movie (mmm...needs power), making salsa (yup...needs power), and finally realizing that although wireless internet is indeed wireless it still needs power that I let out a war cry of frustration and decided to srap all plans of 'need to do' for the evening.

Instead, we headed to Dairy Queen for a semi-liquid dinner of BLIZZARDS!!! And then we both just sat on the couch with little book lights reading. Well, I was still fuming. Nate tried to get me to view it as 'forced relaxation' but that didn't fly with me.

I will say I ended my day with an entire new appreciation for electricity, and all of the things that I take forgranted that it runs every day (like my garage door).....

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Anonymous said...

A humbling experience. It is good to be reminded occassionally how spoiled we are. When you start reading "A Thousand White Women" you will also appreciate all our modern conveniences. Wishing you a good week. Love, Mom