Friday, August 13, 2010

Cooking Light: Episode 17

With all of the vegetables we have been cooking, there has been little room for meat in our lives, but we did treat ourselves to a protein packed entree the other night when we tried our hand at Grilled Turkey Burgers with Fresh Mozzarella.

*Notice the grilled zucchini side dish--still couldn't escape the veggies*

Interestingly enough these burgers did actually have some sirloin in them so not sure if this name could get by legal where I work..

Here's the deal. This was fine. It was tasty. But guess what a regular burger without all the extra ingrediants of ground turkey, plus ground sirloin, plus some other random ingrediants would for sure be JUST as good if you put some fresh mozzarella and marinara on top.

I'm not hating on Cooking Light, I just expect more out of them at this point. Sheesh.

So it's back to 25 ways to cook a summer squash tonight....and to buy Nate smaller clothes tomorrow (at least he says that as a whine because we aren't eating 'real' food anymore...).

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Anonymous said...

Where are the grilled scapes?
Uncle Todd