Saturday, August 21, 2010

Food On The Go

Nate and I headed to the Mobile Food Truck Showdown in Minneapolis tonight. With on-the-go, pop-up anywhere food trucks gaining in popularity (Exhibit A), I was pleasantly surprised that Minneapolis is not too far beind this trendy new craze.

And since my company is in suburbanville, and it isn't likely I get to run into these fun little eateries, I was super stoked to learn that there was a showdown of some of the top trucks tonight. In one location.

So we threw out our plans of making another veg filled dinner and headed to the showdown.

How sweet is it that you can make turn an old firetruck into a coal-fire pizza oven?

And that the pizza actually tastes good?

We also has some seriously delicious pulled pork tacos from the Chef Shacks which were topped with black beans and pickled cabbage. So. Good.

And we capped the evening off with an Italian Meatball Burger from this place:

We had really high hopes of hitting every truck there but my stomach was full after the first three.
Nate and I started day-dreaming of procuring a used short-bus and creating our own mobile culinary experience to take on the road.

I'm thinking a dessert bus that serves cotton candy and sno cones...


meghan said...

why don't you fill your short bus with summer squash and tomatoes?

Anonymous said...

I vote for a morning truck with great coffee, scones, pound cake and muffins. How fun, wish I was there! Love, Mom

OR..........homemade soups and corn muffins. Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

I think a Wienies and Bikinis bus would be a great idea...having Hot Babes serve up Leons.....Hmmm...but where do we find the hot babes...


Becca said...

oh dang....yeah the pictures were good but getting the food descriptions are better...and I haven't eaten yet, and am STARVING now. These places all look great. You and Nate should TOTALLY start a food the ridiculous amounts of spare time you have :) I'd eat from it.

Anonymous said...

Good one Reid, Wienies and Bikinis...guys in bananna hammocks?
seeing as how this is a "short bus" one must wear helmits and be sure to have a horn that goes beep beep beep.
Uncle Todd