Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Check it.

I know some of you are just getting on the Facebook bandwagon (Dad...) or continue to shun in (Nate and Mom..), BUT here's the deal. Social networks are awesome.

You get to keep in touch with friends that are far away on a daily basis. Check-in on what they are doing, thinking, taking pictures of, etc.

Enter Foursquare. A new-ish network where you check-in to places you go. So when I go to Target, I go to my foursquare app on my phone and 'check-in' to this place, thereby telling everyone who I am friends with on foursquare that I am at Target.

Sounds a little stalker-ish right? Well it is, but I love it. I love knowing that Katie is back at Bobo's Asia Fresh vying for her mayorship, or that Meghan is throwing back a few drinks at a bar on a weeknight.

What is a mayorship? Well, once you are the person that has checked-in the most, you become Mayor. (By the way, I am mayor of Viroqua's Wal-Mart right now...how awesome is that?). And when you become mayor, you could get a special deal.

Which brings us to Restaurant Week. We were out for a lovely meal with the Wongske's and as I go to check-in to the restaurant, I come to find out that JUST FOR CHECKING IN, I get a free appetizer. It pretty much made my entire night.

Who wouldn't love this? Free? Just for checking into this place?

I am a little obsessed, I'll admit. But  I love it, and this is my PSA to get more people on it. Hell, Nate is even on it now that he has a fancy iphone. And HE doesn't even do facebook.

So join the fun, and help feed my stalkerish habits....


meghan said...

and don't forget 15% off at American Eagle! AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

All these new whizbangs...is nothing sacred?? Back in the day foursquare was a game with 4 squares (hence the technical name) and a ball played with 4 people...and sometimes beer. Nobody was mayor or even the czar of foursquare. I suppose one could have been king or queen of the court but that sounds silly since we broke away from England so many years ago.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

What?????? Still don't get it....I am a fossil..


Anonymous said...

I want to hear more about the appetizer! And when did Nate get a new phone??? Have fun at the Twins game and look forward to hearing all about it. Love, Mom

Emily said...

"I am a fossil" -classic.

I'm on FourSquare, but I think you follow me already maybe? I'm doing my thesis paper on how social media is changing marketing for the better. I love it, too!

Anonymous said...

I am a fossil too, and even a bigger fossil because I don't do facebook either. I am definately old because I just don't get these things, what happened to the days where you went to dinner or the store without your phone and it was ok that no one could track your every movement and if they needed you for something they just waited until you were home? I better quit while I'm ahead because I'm really dating myself and I'm younger than both Reid and Todd and I even grew up in the "big" city so I should have been exposed to more worldly things - at least a city bigger than Westby. Alas, I married Todd so I guess I'll always be technologically challenged.

Nate Hanson said...

Even I am on Foursquare...

Anonymous said...


Becca said...

This foursquare thing is just not going away is it?!?
Hmm....might have to cave them..I totally trust your instincts usually..maybe when I am on maternity leave...flitting around to all the great hotspots in chicago?! oh wait a minute.