Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tillie Talks

A few of my most recent Tillie-isms:

Me: "Ok, I'm going for a run."
Tillie: "Ok, but come back mama."

Matilda is getting more emotionally sophisticated in her suggestions when Bea is crying.
"Daddy, bring Bea to mama"
"Mama, Bea wants you"
"Mama, PLEASE come get Bea"

New Songs being sung in the back of the car...

"Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out to the barn. Buy me peanuts and crackers."

"Bringing home my Baby Baby Bea. Won't my mama be so proud of me."


"Swiper! No Swiping!" (said like 'fwiper, no fwiping)
She picked this up from a few Dora books that we read all of the time, and says it anytime Bea tries to take her toys, or if she is in the midst of stealing food off of the counter....


Anonymous said...

Grandpa is missing Til Til and Beasly!!!!


Nancy E. said...

Oh my Tillie! I miss her and Beezus SOOoooo and look forward to seeing them soon.
Love to all from Grandma

Anonymous said...

Wait til the first "F" word comes out. I remember Reid and Nancy talking about one of the girls ratting out the other for saying the "F" word..."she said fart"....too funny.
Uncle Todd