Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Best Soup We Ever Made

Last week we had a full menu planned. Lots of new recipes to try, and few old stand-bys. I usually anticipate one of them to be a pretty big miss, and I would be lying to you if I told you that I was 100% confident about this recipe going into it.

But I am here to tell you....this soup, this Chicken-Lentil Curry Soup is quite possible the best soup we have ever made.

As I started eating it, I said nothing, waiting to see if it was just me or if Nate also liked it. He immediately said, "wow this is really good"...few more bites..."no seriously, this is SO good."

And so I feel the need to pass this along, almost like it is my duty for my fellow cooking friends.

So here is the beauty shot:

Picture of Chicken-Lentil Curry Soup Recipe

And HERE is the full recipe on Food Network!

Make the soup, enjoy the soup, and report back. Hopefully you love it as much as we all did.
 Happy Cooking!

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Anonymous said...

Printed and is now in the lineup of things to try.
Uncle Todd